Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Buen Camino Fellow Pilgrims,

Well having just returned from my third Camino, I am excited to have revamped my website and to introduce this new blog.

My first novel and the synopsis of the book  can be seen on the about us page of this website (www.caminoway,com,au) with the publishers right now and will also be introduced as an ebook too.
So keep an eye on the website for purchase of my books or CDs.

As my lifestyle continues to change I will keep you informed through my social media. I appreciate any input from you as a pilgrim which will benefit me and all other Pilgrims. So use my blog effectively for your own personal pilgrimage experiences and any pilgrim  community ideas you may have for others. Please keep me informed via thsi blog and  add what you want too.

Please put a comment on my blog.


Doug McPhillips

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