Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Hello George,

It seems like only yesterday  we were on the Camino together. I trust this email finds you  well, happy and energised by your journey on the Camino.

I went to Finisterre for a few days after Santiago then in flew to ireland and walked the Wicklow Way, Aran Island and some of the Burrow Way. I did not get to finish it as I got  rather ill and still not fully recovered. I just pushed this only body a little to much. I will be ok thou.

I am now writing my third book and the other two have been inspired by the Camino as has this one. Check out my revamped website and you will get a better insight into where I am at. Write on my new blog if you like.

Buen Camino until we meet again ( I hope).

Doug McPhillips

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